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Nearly Easter!

Hey everyone! So it’s nearly the Easter holidays down here in Devon and also most of the UK. I hope you have lots of things planned like Easter egg hunts, painting eggs and of course eating lots of chocolate! If you’re looking to make Easter extra special this year then check out our awesome Easter range of fancy dress, guaranteed to get everyone in the Easter spirit! Have fun, eat loads and get your fancy on! A2Z Fancy Dress

Book Week and the mighty St Patrick’s Day 2014!

Hi everyone Hope all is well and good. We’re as busy as ever, especially with World Book Week just around the corner! If you have a little one at school or even if you work at a school and are in need of an awesome fancy dress costume then check us out! We have such a huge range available, there is definitely something to suit everyone! So the next big one after Book Week is the mighty St Patrick’s Day! This is hugely celebrated all over the world and is... Read More

Welcome 2014!

Hi everyone Happy New Year and all that jazz, hope you are all settling into the New Year with resolutions to keep and lots of things to look forward to! If you have any exciting plans this year, such as Hen Parties or Stag parties, or maybe you know someone who is celebrating a big birthday, check out our HUGE range of fancy dress and accessories guaranteed to get the party started and have some awesome fun! If there’s one resolution you need to keep this year it should be... Read More

Halloween is over :-( but the party isn’t! :-)

Hey everyone! So Halloween is over for another year, we hope you celebrated it with lots of scaring, gore and lots of treats! However just because Halloween is done for another year, it doesn’t mean that fancy dress has to be! If you have any Stag or Hen parties coming up and want everyone in the party or just the Hen or Stag to dress up, then you can visit our site www.a2z-fancydress.co.uk and check out our awesome range of outfits, guaranteed to get the party in good spirits! Also... Read More